zzscats daily cat update – volunteering in the adoption center, this is our valentines day

Shelter cats need some love. And today happens to be our turn to volunteer. Besides our regular routine of feeding cats, cleaning litter boxes and cleaning their eyes, we also administered flea control medicine to all the cats in the adoption center. Man this is a challenging task!

zzscats daily cat update – adoption center awaiting adoptions for years

We have been volunteering for the adoption center for Caring About The Strays (now AKA Community Pet Rescue) since 2008. Here’s just a few of the adoptable cats in our current adoption center, housed in a garage in a residential area where exposure is almost none. These cats have been in our care for years with little to no hope of being ever adopted. But they are all really nice and cute cats who deserve a good forever home, not just once a day visit by us volunteers. :-(

Funny cats videos from the Adoptioin Center

Rudy II is a sweetheart, but he constantly suffers from poop tangled tail, and he hates to be groomed…


This guy looooooooooooooooves to play with water. This bowl will be empty coming tomorrow morning~