zzscats daily cat update – a typical morning in our backyard 

Community cats (Oreo, Shortie and Little Grey) started to show up in our backyard as early as spring 2013, then Dali and Friendly Oreo came onboard about a year later. All of them had tipped ears (signs to show that they had all gone through the TNR process where they were trapped, neutered and then released back). Last year Big Grey and Big Head showed up unaltered and we trapped, neutered and released both back to our yard. The first happy thing in our mornings is to wake up and see all of them healthy and alive and peeking into our glass door waiting for food. 

Daily cat — Dali

Dali is one of the community cats we feed in our backyard. He appeared around house four years ago already with tipped ears. He wasn’t afraid of people to begin with, and has grown more and more like a house cat. Every night when we come back, he will almost always show up in the front, curl up and demand belly rubs. 

Community cats enjoying our patio

Oero and Grey have been two regulars in our backyard since last spring. They keep their distance from humans but both enjoy spending time in our patio, especially when there’s food~

We rescued a baby Blue Jay! — Part II, Happy Ending

The baby Blue Jay survived Saturday night and was screaming at the top of its lung early Sunday morning. Several adult birds were outside calling their baby. We took it outside only to find it jumping to the streets and soon to become neighborhood cats’ prey again. We decided to call South Florida Wildlife Center for their expert opinion and were told to bring in the fledgeling because of the presence of neighborhood cats. The good thing is they have a drop-off office located at the entrance of Museum of Science in Miami so we didn’t have to drive all the way up to Ft. Lauderdale.

The staff told us the baby bird looked fine. They will transfer it to South Florida Wildlife Center and it will be raised with other Blue Jays before being released back to the wild.

We also walked around the drop-off area to appreciate different animals and plants in their care.

We rescued a baby Blue Jay!

This evening we rescued a baby Blue Jay when it was chased around by one of our  neighborhood cats Dali. We took this little fledgeling inside so it would not become dinner. It was a little scared in the beginning but calmed down rather quickly. We put it in a box with a longan tree branch so it has something to grab on. Hopefully it’ll survive the night and we will take it to the South Florida Wildlife Center where it should receive professional care.