Now we have lawn!

Friends from Miami based Native Sun Landscaping Company helped us to install Palmetto grass, a type of more shade tolerant St. Augustine grass in our fruit tree occupied front yard.

Our outdoor guest Little Grey seems to like the new grass too!

now and then, our community cat friends

There are quite a few community cats in our neighborhood. We started to leave cat food outside shortly after we moved in. There are three regulars who come almost every morning and every afternoon. They are Grey, Shortie and Oreo. More story of each cat to follow in the near future. Today I just wanted to share two snapshots we took last July and this month (Feb). The first one was taken by my cell phone, when we saw them stood in line in the front yard waiting for us to come back from some grocery shopping. And the second one was taken on a weekend morning, the three of them showed up in our back yard patio like Déjà vu…