zzscats daily cat update – Sweet Pea still at vet, day-3

I went to see Sweet Pea after work this evening and was told he was doing much better. But because he still had some difficulties passing the urine, the doctor put a temporary catheter in just to help him empty the bladder. He will remain at the vet for several more days 

When he was being taken out of the cage, Sweet Pea complained a bit. But as soon as he was in my arms, he started to purr and cuddle with me as usually. But before long, I felt something hot on my pants and then realized it’s Sweet Pea’s pee, lol. But it didn’t matter. The vet’s assistant was so kind and brought me a towel so sweet pea and sit on it on my laps. And we cuddled for another 30 minutes until the vet office is closed. Sweet Pea never had the patience to cuddle with me for such a long time. And I think this is at least something I can do for him these days…

Daily cat — Dali

Dali is one of the community cats we feed in our backyard. He appeared around house four years ago already with tipped ears. He wasn’t afraid of people to begin with, and has grown more and more like a house cat. Every night when we come back, he will almost always show up in the front, curl up and demand belly rubs. 

Daily Cats — the gang

So we skipped yesterday’s daily cat posting… what a shame to do this on a second day of daily posting! But to make it up, here are three photos of Sweet Pea, Fluffy and Benjamin, in their best weekend napping poses!

Daily cats starts today

Today is nothing special: Sweet Pea and Fluffy are four months to nine years old and Benjamin is eight years and four months old. 
Today is a special day: I decided to post at least one daily photo of cats in our life. For starters… there are many stray cats on he college campus where I work. Despite the sign “all dumped animals will be taken to animal control”, irresponsible owners take their unwanted animals, especially cats to our campus.Fortunately these cats are still living peacefully on campus and fed by volunteers. Last year alone, a colleague of mine TNR 76 stray cats on the campus! 

The cats usually keep their distances. But this one was sleeping so comfortably and did not notice my presence until I got really close. Such a cute cat! The tipped left ear means he’s already been taken care of. Yay!