ZZ’s daily cats – Best buddies

Not siblings, Sweet Pea and Fluffy were rescued from the streets almost around the same time in the spring of 2008 somewhere in Miami. They grew up in the same cage as kittens and were adopted together by ZZ.

They are inseparable BFFs.

ZZ’s daily cats – 101 hours into power outage because of hurricane Irma

9:30am, Thursday Sep 14, 2017. 101 hours into power outage because of hurricane Irma.

The new FPL estimates says power will be restored by Sunday, which is the latest for Florida east coast, in our area.

And the cats are like this…

ZZ’s daily cats – two days after hurricane Irma, still no power, cats are all fine

Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017.

FPL says they will restore power to all homes by the end of this weekend. Living in an area with lots of trees, we do not have the unrealistic hope to get power back right away. Just that everything in the fridge is melting away…

Cats are all fine though. The indoor ones are spending lots of time on hard surfaces (or not).

The outdoor community cats are all like nothing had really happened. The scared Big Head is spending more time in the backyard than yesterday.

ZZ’s daily cats – the day after hurricane Irma

Woke up in a quite sunny morning, no more wind and no more rain. Our house is intact and the yard damage is as expected and minimal. He only thing gone was the already wobbly shed. Neighbors are all out cleaning the debris – mostly broken off tree branches and leaves on the ground. Coral Gables still has many blocked roads. And we only wish the power will be restored soon…

Cats don’t seem to be bothered by the heat in the house as much as we are.

Are the community cats have survived the storm. Oreo seems to be really hungry and sleepy. Shortie and Big Grey are their usual selves. Big Head is more timid than before.

ZZ’s daily cats – hurricane Irma is right here, right now!

Hurricane finally arrived. South Florida is spared from the center, but it doesn’t mean we don’t get non stop tropical storms at 55mph+ since last night. Power was out at 4:30am. The inside of the house is fine, outside, not so sure…

ZZ’s daily cats – the Wednesday before hurricane Irma hits

Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017.

Hurricane Irma now officially looks like real.

Work place will be closed at 4pm. This is Ben and the community cats in the morning.

In the evening, we assessed the balcony door and went to get concrete bolts. The neighborhood ACE hardware has become very popular these days.

Such a serene night. We really hope Irma will stay in the ocean.

zzscats daily cat update – Cats in boxes

Paper boxes always have certain mysterious appear to cats.

As seen below: Sweet Pea, Fluffy and Ben comfortably squeezed in their own box napping.

And when they wake up, and all in the kitchen, you know it’s time to feed them!