ZZ’s cats – daily cats, first day back to work

Monday Sep 18, 2017

Today is the first day we return to work after hurricane Irma. I was shocked to find out that some of my colleagues not only haven’t had their electricity back, but also don’t have water.

I should totally be grateful that our power was restored Friday evening…

ZZ’s daily cats – FPL is working in our area!

11:00am, Friday Sep 15, 2017.

126.5 hours into power outage after hurricane Irma. The nowadays bathroom living Ben all of a sudden jumped onto the dresser right next to the slightly open balcony door and peeked anxiously.

What did Ben find?

The FPL’s contractor’s truck!

Does it mean we are gonna have the power restored soon? Let’s see!

ZZ’s daily cats – the day after hurricane Irma

Woke up in a quite sunny morning, no more wind and no more rain. Our house is intact and the yard damage is as expected and minimal. He only thing gone was the already wobbly shed. Neighbors are all out cleaning the debris – mostly broken off tree branches and leaves on the ground. Coral Gables still has many blocked roads. And we only wish the power will be restored soon…

Cats don’t seem to be bothered by the heat in the house as much as we are.

Are the community cats have survived the storm. Oreo seems to be really hungry and sleepy. Shortie and Big Grey are their usual selves. Big Head is more timid than before.

ZZ’s daily cats – post hurricane Irma update

9:00pm, Sunday, Sep 10, 2017

Tropical storm forced wind is still blowing, but it’s safe to say the worst has already passed Miami.

The community cats seem to have endured the storm fine. We’ve seen all five of them at different times of today, and four of them this evening. Oreo is the one with the best appetite.

We took a short drive around the South Miami and Coral Gables neighborhood right before dark. Our own damage is nothing compares to the neighborhood’s. Many roads were blocked by fallen branches or trees.

In Coral Gables, some huge trees such as this banyan tree fell and completely blocked the house.

Beautiful Santa Maria had become a fairy road.

This fancy rainbow eucalyptus tree has almost no leaves left…

University of Miami, we’ll check you out next time.

ZZ’s daily cats – hurricane Irma is right here, right now!

Hurricane finally arrived. South Florida is spared from the center, but it doesn’t mean we don’t get non stop tropical storms at 55mph+ since last night. Power was out at 4:30am. The inside of the house is fine, outside, not so sure…