ZZ’s daily cats – the Thursday before hurricane Irma hits

Thursday, Sep 7, 2017.

Most people are off starting from today in preparation of hurricane Irma. We are staying not only because we are not in the evacuation zone, also because we have too many cats to care for. While obviously it’s still too early for the community cats to worry about anything yet…


zzscats daily cat update – As close as they get

Plato and hunter has since pretty much getting used to each other, after a few month.

Occasionally, Plato would hump Hunter(while hunter accepts the hump happily), or as the below photos shown – sleep quite closely to each other.

Cats Available For Adoption in Miami!

If you are interested in adopting a cat, please consider adopting an adult cat. The shelter we are volunteering at have many good candidates, all with mild temper and love to cuddle. Please contact us if you are interested.

zzscats daily cat update – Cats in boxes

Paper boxes always have certain mysterious appear to cats.

As seen below: Sweet Pea, Fluffy and Ben comfortably squeezed in their own box napping.

And when they wake up, and all in the kitchen, you know it’s time to feed them!

zzscats daily cat updates – Hunter @ Day 3

Hunter seems to be at ease now on day 3 in his new home, as he enjoys rolling on the sofa or on our bed, as well as watching TV together with us. Plato and Sesame doesn’t seem to mind him much now and just keeps their distance.