zzscats daily cat update – a typical morning in our backyard 

Community cats (Oreo, Shortie and Little Grey) started to show up in our backyard as early as spring 2013, then Dali and Friendly Oreo came onboard about a year later. All of them had tipped ears (signs to show that they had all gone through the TNR process where they were trapped, neutered and then released back). Last year Big Grey and Big Head showed up unaltered and we trapped, neutered and released both back to our yard. The first happy thing in our mornings is to wake up and see all of them healthy and alive and peeking into our glass door waiting for food. 

Daily Cats — the gang

So we skipped yesterday’s daily cat posting… what a shame to do this on a second day of daily posting! But to make it up, here are three photos of Sweet Pea, Fluffy and Benjamin, in their best weekend napping poses!

How’s our cats doing, you Ask? They are doing just fine!

We’ve been so busy that we hadn’t had time to update Catsmodo.. But rest assured all the cats are doing just fine and we do snap photos of them from time to time!

Our cat Plato underwent Radioactive Iodine Treatment because he was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. He have since fully recovered and is doing great so far!

Some photos to keep you guys entertained!

Community Cats

Over the last year or so, our back yard has become increasingly popular among local alley cats.

We now have about 8 regular visitors that come daily begging for food, and quite a few of them decided to stay and live in our backyard. Which is probably a good thing!

We trap and neuter any cats that comes to visit but doesn’t have a tipped ear. And I think we have done a pretty good job keeping local stray cat population low.. at least around our house.