Meet Plato, the oldest cat of our family!

Plato the fabulous tuxedo was adopted 8 years ago from a shelter when he was around 2 years old. He was an owner’s surrender. We do not understand why his previous human(s) abandoned him as he is the most people loving cat we’ve ever met. Plato has lived in Texas and Illinois before he moved in with us on the very last day of 2013. The 10-year-old loves to cuddle and meows like a kitten. Freeze dried turkey liver and canned food is his favorite!

Monster in the bedroom!

The other day, we discovered a monster in the bedroom!

It has a blue head. It scared all the other cats away!

It ate all the food!

It had a cat’s face!

It jumped onto the bed!
It’s kinda cute…
Here comes a human’s hand…
Whacha doing?! Lemme alone!
Plato: put it back on me…

New year, new camera

A few days ago Li traded his Canon 5D Mark III for a lighter and newer Canon 6D. We received it today and he is super happy about his new camera! With a lighter weight, faster focusing and more precise metering system and better hand control new design, the 6D has already won Li’s heart!

Following are a few test shots with the 6D and our Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens. We haven’t been using this lens a lot lately because it is kinda slow with the 5D Mark III. However, the new camera has given this old lens new life. It even feels faster on our new 6D!

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