Cats show you how to dissect a jackfruit

We harvested several jackfruits from the jackfruit tree in our own yard. Being the world largest tree bearing fruits, jackfruits are enjoyed throughout southeast Asian, the southern part of China, and many other tropical regions of the world. Here I put together a tutorial showing how to dissect and enjoy a whole jackfruit at home. Hope you’ll enjoy.

Put the 20+ pounds jackfruit in a box and let the cats do their inspections.

Cut the fruit — I prefer to cut it across the longitudinal axis so it’s easier to handle later on. First things first, you may want to put on gloves and grease your knife as there will be latex coming out of the cut areas.

Here are the two halves.

Two quarters..

With the 1/8, cut and discard the core — it’s not that tasty.

Take out the seed pods, one by one.

Discard the small thingies — they are edible but again, not as tasty as the seed pods themselves.


Take out the seed.

Separate the seed and the membrane if you are going to save the seeds for later use.

Repeat the aforementioned necessary steps until all the seed pods are taken out from the cut section. The following picture shows a fully “dissected” 1/8 of a jackfruit.

It’s going to take a while…

Here’s what we got from 3/8 of a 20+ pounds jackfruit. The golden fleshy seed pods taste like candy to me but according to wikipedia, “The flavor is comparable to a combination of apple, pineapple, mango and banana.” When roasted, the seeds taste like chestnuts and are said to be great making into turkey stuffing.


We purchased this disease resistant guava from Rare Fruit Council last year in a Fairchild Garden event. It flowered in the end of March and after loooooooong waiting, the pair of first fruits are finally fully ripened today! Isn’t the pink flesh adorable?!