Dali’s Health Update – After One Week

Yesterday we brought Dali back to the vet for the post surgery check-up. Our vet said Dali had a perfect recovery. We are really glad he is doing well, and we are also super relieved that he didn’t move-away after we had to cage him 3 or 4 times last couple weeks.

Below are some video and photos from last vet visit:
Waiting for the vet:

There are some food trapped in the gum pocket of the top canine teeth, but vet said it won’t be trapping any food after the gum pocket fully heals.IMG_6034

Checking the teeth.

Dali is back home!

After three nights’ stay in Southwest Animal Hospital, Dali is finally home again with a fully closed mouth and clean bill of health!

Below please enjoy the video of Dali’s “homecoming”. To donate for Dali as well as for his backyard buddies, please click here. Thanks a million!

Surprising gift from Chewy, and the story behind.

Would like to take this moment to say big thanks to the customer service department at chewy.com

There was a little hiccup about an order we’ve placed, I’ve wrote a review about it on their website and forgot about it.  Couple days later Kelli from customer service contacted me and apologized about the problem, and sent me a replacement order at no additional cost.

On top of that, we’ve received something that we are really surprised (in a good way) about, two paintings!  Of fluffy and ben sitting on top of Chewy box in the previous post (link here)

Now I call that top notch customer service, and they sure will have us as regular customer.