Dali is back home!

After three nights’ stay in Southwest Animal Hospital, Dali is finally home again with a fully closed mouth and clean bill of health!

Below please enjoy the video of Dali’s “homecoming”. To donate for Dali as well as for his backyard buddies, please click here. Thanks a million!

Feeding the Community Cats

This is how we feed the community cats every morning, and we do the same every evening, for the past several years.

They are a group of quiet and peaceful cats, their irresponsible owners dumped them or their parents onto the streets, they just want to live/sleep/eat and not be bothered.

We helped spay neuter all of them who showed up in our yard not spayed/neutered. They usually just hangout and sleep in our backyard and comes together just in time for their breakfast and dinner.

To learn more about spay/neuter programs in your area, follow the link below: