zzscats daily cat update — Sweet Pea is hospitalized

Our sweet cuddly eight and half years old Sweet Pea has been hospitalized since yesterday. We first found him having difficulty urinating late Monday night. He would go and sit in the litter box for minutes, trying to pee but later came out with no urine clumps in the box. We thought Sweet Pea had the common urinary tract infection and syringed him some parsley water, an effective home remedy for UTI. But later on during the day, Li found Sweet Pea in much discomfort and began to try to urinate in many odd places inside the house. So he took Sweet Pea to the nearby house, and was told that he was completely blocked and had a super full bladder. Sweet Pea was lucky because he was brought in early when the condition is still treatable. A ruptured bladder is unimaginable… 

We went to see Sweet Pea this evening (Wednesday) after 24 hours he was admitted to the vet. But when we got there, the girl at the front desk told us that the doctor was actually working on him because the catheter was blocked! Thankfully the procedure didn’t take long and we were able to see Sweet Pea in just a few minutes. 

Our big boy was lying on the table while we were talking to the doctor. But soon he reached his paws to me and I realized he wanted to cuddle with me. So I picked him up and sat on a nearby chair so we can cuddle, just like what we usually do at home. Sweet Pea was obviously happy to see us. He was purring, kneading and drooling on me. We cuddled for about 20 minutes, the longest we’ve cuddled, until the vet office is closing. We were lucky because Sweet Pea was diagnosed of struvite stone, a more treatable form of stone and he was diagnosed early. He will remain in the vet for a few more days until is condition is stable. It was hard to say good-bye to those eyes but we know he is in good hands. 

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