zzscats daily cat update – Dali went to ER

This morning we had an early morning photo shoot which didn’t finish until 4pm-ish. And we came home only to find that Dali, one of the community cats in our backyard, was having some serious trouble — his tongue was sticking out, mouth open, and excessive drooling made his chest and front paws soaking wet. He looked really uncomfortable and helpless. Fear dawned on us and the first thing came to our mind was: Dali might be poisoned. Without further thinking too much, we called Miami Vet Specialist and were told it’s up to us whether to bring him in. And before long, Dali was in a carrier in my car on the way to MVS.

After three hours of waiting around, diagnosis and treatment, Dali was finally released with an injection of antibiotics good for two weeks. His blood work came out normal, so he might not have been poisoned. But there could be serious problems with his teeth and gum, which if left untreated, can leave him starved and dehydrated to death.

Dali was sedated to be examined. We are suggested by the doctor to keep him inside for the night before taking him for further treatment at our regular vet.


The “ER” bill wasn’t cheap. When I asked if there might be a discount for stray cats care givers, the receptionist bluntly told me they are a vet emergency and they won’t give discounts just because we took in a street cat. I understand…

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