zzscats daily cat update – Dali’s diagnosis

Update: we have setup a gofundme campaign for Dali, your help is much appreciated! To donate, please go to this link: Dali’s Medical Fund

A visit to the regular vet decided that Dali had deformed/irregular canine teeth growth since he was a kitten. So he actually can never close his mouth properly. Now it’s at the tipping point that everything goes bad in his mouth. If left untreated, he’ll soon die of starvation and dehydration.

We are leaving him at the vet for more examination and observations I hope procedures can be performed tomorrow. We know Dali is in good hands of the doctor at Southwest Animal Hospital. He agreed to give us a discounted vet bill estimated at $600 – $800 because Dali is a community cat. Still hard for us to swallow but we are going to do this for Dali.

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