zzscats daily cat update – Fluffy under weather for a night

Last night when we came home, we noticed Fluffy wouldn’t move around and he wasn’t interested in food. He slept on ZZ’s jacket all night and looked lethargic as the following two pictures show. But he did used the litter box once and the amount of urine looked about right. He didn’t poo but didn’t vomit either. We kept our close eyes on him all night. For the sake of it, we bought some unflavored pedialyte and fed him the liquid with a syringe. We also measured his temperature and it was 100.8 F, which was in the normal body temperature range for cats.

We were going to call the vet first thing in the morning but Fluffy returned his normal self after a whole night of sleep. He is now moving around as usual and started to eat his breakfast. No vomit or diarrhea or any other abnormal symptoms. We will keep watching him and hope last night was just one of the nights that he needed some extra sleep…

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