zzscats daily cat update – shelter cat Hunter is coming home

How many years has Hunter been in the adoption center? No one can precisely recall. I started volunteering for Caring About The Strays since 2008 and Hunter and his brother Garfield appears not 2 or 3 years into my tenure there. Since then our adoption center moved from a local PetSmart to a garage where cats don’t have to be caged all day long, and last year, Garfield passed away because of complications caused by long ignored bladder stone issues (will elaborate in another post). And recently, Hunter has developed some severe acnes on the chin which later affected his gums and hence difficulties in eating and ended up spent days at the vet. 

We decided to adopt Hunter, in order to give him a better rest of the life, and also in memory of his brother Garfield. We as volunteers do as much as we can to make the adoption center a good place for adoptable cats to live, but staying in the adoption center for life is not the ultimate solution for a cat. For our particular case, volunteer go to the adoption center only once a day, about one hour each time. And even though all the cats are adorable, the visibility for them is close to none for them to be able to be adopted…

Following is a collage of photos by one of our volunteers and her daughter when they went to say good-bye to Hunter over the weekend. And like for any cats we adopted from the adoption center, we will keep updating their status here!

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