Questions and Answers

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How many cats do you guys have?

We are a cat loving family, we have 5 adorable cats adopted from rescue groups and shelters: Sweet Pea, Fluffy, Ben, Plato, and Sesame. They all live with us in Miami, they are strictly indoor cats and never go outside. Our beloved Zigi passed away in early 2015.

We also have 8 regular outdoor visitors (All have been TNRed) These community cats come daily for breakfast and supper. Some sleep in our back yard, and some roam around the neighborhood.

Why do you start this website/blog?

We have more than abundant cute photos of our cats to share with the world.  A blog been the most straight forward way.  We also want to be able to share our experiences with like-minded.

Who are you guys?

To make a living and feed five hungry souls (plus eight furry visitors), Li is a freelance photographer and a Licensed Realtor. While ZZ works in Higher Education.

Together we also do portrait photography here in South Florida.

We are also superhosts on Airbnb. Feel free to take a look at our room listed on Airbnb! Which is available for booking.