Miss Kitty Only Has 5 Days to Find a New Home 

A few weeks ago we did a post to help a colleague of mine to find a new home for her cat. Time has flown by but she had no luck. :-*(

This Friday (Apr. 28, 2017) is the last day she can keep Miss Kitty. Otherwise she’ll have to surrender the cat to animal services. And we all know what is most likely to happen…

Can you please please spread the word to save the sweet sweet Miss Kitty?

Below the detailed info. Miss Kitty is located in Miami Dade County. Please contact (561) 657-3454.

“As you all know I have to surrender my cat at the end of the week L Miss Kitty is two years old and she is a golden, petite Tabby. She has a great temperament, she loves to cuddle, loves to be held, she gives kisses, she head butts, she kneads a lot, she gives powerful purrs, she gives little love bites that do not hurt, she loves showing her tummy, and gently touches your face with her paws. She is not declawed. She does not bite, she does not hiss at you and she does not scratch you. She has all of her shots including her rabies shot. Her shots were updated last month and she is also spayed. She is also litter box trained, loves catnip and loves to play with toys. I have included some more recent photos of Miss Kitty. If you have any questions, or can help or know of anyone that will love to give Miss Kitty her forever home please feel free to contact me at (561) 657-3454.”

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