ZZ’s daily cats – post hurricane Irma update

9:00pm, Sunday, Sep 10, 2017

Tropical storm forced wind is still blowing, but it’s safe to say the worst has already passed Miami.

The community cats seem to have endured the storm fine. We’ve seen all five of them at different times of today, and four of them this evening. Oreo is the one with the best appetite.

We took a short drive around the South Miami and Coral Gables neighborhood right before dark. Our own damage is nothing compares to the neighborhood’s. Many roads were blocked by fallen branches or trees.

In Coral Gables, some huge trees such as this banyan tree fell and completely blocked the house.

Beautiful Santa Maria had become a fairy road.

This fancy rainbow eucalyptus tree has almost no leaves left…

University of Miami, we’ll check you out next time.

ZZ’s daily cats – hurricane Irma is right here, right now!

Hurricane finally arrived. South Florida is spared from the center, but it doesn’t mean we don’t get non stop tropical storms at 55mph+ since last night. Power was out at 4:30am. The inside of the house is fine, outside, not so sure…

ZZ’s daily cats – the outdoor five before Hurricane Irma lands

Noon, Saturday, Sep 9, 2017.

Five of our regular community cats lounging in the backyard. Shortie and Big Head sit on the new home made cat condo. Friendly Oreo enjoys the now laid down cat tree. Big Head and Oreo are just lounging.

We can restrain your free souls. Hope you’ll all be fine after the storm!

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ZZ’s daily cats – the Friday before Hurricane Irma hits

Friday, Sep 8, 2017.

Things are looking slightly better but still uncertain with hurricane Irma.

Lots of effort boarding up the balcony door…

Home made cats condo to providing some hiding place for the community cats.


ZZ’s daily cats – the Thursday before hurricane Irma hits

Thursday, Sep 7, 2017.

Most people are off starting from today in preparation of hurricane Irma. We are staying not only because we are not in the evacuation zone, also because we have too many cats to care for. While obviously it’s still too early for the community cats to worry about anything yet…


ZZ’s daily cats – the Wednesday before hurricane Irma hits

Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017.

Hurricane Irma now officially looks like real.

Work place will be closed at 4pm. This is Ben and the community cats in the morning.

In the evening, we assessed the balcony door and went to get concrete bolts. The neighborhood ACE hardware has become very popular these days.

Such a serene night. We really hope Irma will stay in the ocean.

ZZ’s daily cats – Tuesday before hurricane Irma hits

The Tuesday after Labor Day weekend, 2017.

The most talked about thing at work right after the long weekend is hurricane Irma. Having lived in south Florida for 13 years, I’ve experienced quite some hurricanes such as hurricanes Katrina and Wilma in 2005. But this one SCARES me.

Still in denial, we started preps. Don’t know where to start. Cats certainly know where to enjoy themselves.

ZZ’s daily cats – community cats casual Sunday night

Sunday, Sep 3, 2017.

After Dali and Little Grey are gone, Big Head comes more to the front yard, and he loves all the other cats as always. Oreo lives on the bike.

zzscats daily cat update – As close as they get

Plato and hunter has since pretty much getting used to each other, after a few month.

Occasionally, Plato would hump Hunter(while hunter accepts the hump happily), or as the below photos shown – sleep quite closely to each other.

Cats Available For Adoption in Miami!

If you are interested in adopting a cat, please consider adopting an adult cat. The shelter we are volunteering at have many good candidates, all with mild temper and love to cuddle. Please contact us if you are interested.