Remembering Snowy: unknown — July 12, 2013

I first saw this beautiful cat on the day I moved in our current house. It was in the summer of 2012. She kept her distance until the next spring while I was working in the backyard. She quietly sat by my side and watched  me working on the pots and plants. I patted her and give her a bowl of cat food. The bowl was empty the next morning.

With the Help of Caring About The Strays (a local animal rescue organization we volunteer for), we trapped her, spayed her and released her back to the location where she was trapped (in short, TNR) on March 12, 2013. We also named her “Snowy”.

After the TNR procedure, Snowy still kept showing up for breakfast and dinner everyday. The only difference was then she had one tipped ear.

We don’t have many photos for Snowy because we didn’t know she would left us so soon… Snowy’s body was found  outside of our yard by the street. One side of her head was completely deformed due to the impact of a passing car (we guess) on July 12, 2013. We buried Snowy near one of our sugar apples trees where she used to pass by many times everyday.

Snowy has left us for exactly one year now. We now have up to 5 community cats as regular meal guests in the backyard. All these cats have tipped ears. We will be posting their pictures in the near future.

RIP Snowy.

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