Sweet Pea is having some eye problem..

Sweet Pea’s got a pair of gorgeous eyes.

But since last night, he was reluctant to open his right eye. We thought it was some foreign subject at first, but flushing with water didn’t get anything out. This afternoon I took him to see Dr. Fawcett in Sunset Animal Clinic, the best vet in town. On the way Sweet Pea was quite upset.

Finally got to the cozy clinic — after years of researching and switching, we finally committed to this  Animal Clinic because the doctor and his team are not only knowledgeable and professional, they also show true compassion to animals. They exam our babies right in front of us, not like all the other vets that we’ve visited who always took the animals to the back room only leaving us to hear the growls.

Dr. Fawcett applied some Flouresceine dye on Sweet Pea’s eye ball and took some sample with a cotton swab. The patch was fluorescent green and wouldn’t wash off. Doctor told me it could mean part of the cornea had pealed off. It didn’t look like a wound as a result of scratch or cats fight though. We also ruled out the factor of chemical spill because I never bathed Sweet Pea nor let him near any dangerous chemicals.