Feeding the Community Cats

This is how we feed the community cats every morning, and we do the same every evening, for the past several years.

They are a group of quiet and peaceful cats, their irresponsible owners dumped them or their parents onto the streets, they just want to live/sleep/eat and not be bothered.

We helped spay neuter all of them who showed up in our yard not spayed/neutered. They usually just hangout and sleep in our backyard and comes together just in time for their breakfast and dinner.

To learn more about spay/neuter programs in your area, follow the link below:

Community Cats

Over the last year or so, our back yard has become increasingly popular among local alley cats.

We now have about 8 regular visitors that come daily begging for food, and quite a few of them decided to stay and live in our backyard. Which is probably a good thing!

We trap and neuter any cats that comes to visit but doesn’t have a tipped ear. And I think we have done a pretty good job keeping local stray cat population low.. at least around our house.