ZZ’s daily cats – post hurricane Irma update

9:00pm, Sunday, Sep 10, 2017

Tropical storm forced wind is still blowing, but it’s safe to say the worst has already passed Miami.

The community cats seem to have endured the storm fine. We’ve seen all five of them at different times of today, and four of them this evening. Oreo is the one with the best appetite.

We took a short drive around the South Miami and Coral Gables neighborhood right before dark. Our own damage is nothing compares to the neighborhood’s. Many roads were blocked by fallen branches or trees.

In Coral Gables, some huge trees such as this banyan tree fell and completely blocked the house.

Beautiful Santa Maria had become a fairy road.

This fancy rainbow eucalyptus tree has almost no leaves left…

University of Miami, we’ll check you out next time.

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